Leaders in Lockdown:
Session 1 - resources
Session 2 - Fri 24 April

Theme: Innovation.
Guest: Natalie Turner.
Save the date.

During the session we promised some resources...

Hi. Tim Wade here. Thanks for joining me and the Team Building Asia team on the Leaders in Lockdown web meeting last Friday with our first guest presenter Dave Staughton.

We promised a resource page and here it is. And the first resource is the giant opening image you saw at the top of this page - thanks to Tim Hamons at Art of Awakening. Tim and his team create these visual representations live at meetings, conferences and web events. Graphic recordings capture key messages in a way that are referenced more often than notes, which aides recall and increases action. That can only positively impact results. So please connect with Tim Hamons to see how he and his team can do this and much more at your next meeting!

Also, below are even more resources, links to apps, and ways to connect, get help, help others, plus a few extra goodies!

If you need assistance understanding any of these items, or you'd like to discuss how any of us can come and work with your team, or if you just need some external ideas and a listening ear, please get in touch. We're all here to serve.

In the meantime, enjoy the resources and thanks again for joining us on the first Leaders in Lockdown web meeting.

Our next session is on Friday 24 April with an INNOVATION theme featuring innovation specialist Natalie Turner. Join us.

Yes, it's a great opportunity to Innovate.

Speak with you soon!

Edit a transcription, and it edits the audio and video for you

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Explain to your team by recording your screen

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More apps Tim Wade mentioned:

Online whiteboard software: Miro.com
Also check out the Post-It phone app by 3M. Amazing.

Popular project Management tools:

voicea.com (a Cisco Webex tool)

Showing someone how to do something on screen:
loom.com (featured above) - Basically you video yourself talking about what you're doing on screen. It records it, gives you a link to send them, and you send the link to whoever you need to watch the video! Loom is a chrome extension.

A time tracking tool:

A video sales tool:
BombBomb.com - send video in email

Eliminate conf call background noise:

Securely store and share logins and passwords: LastPass.com - you can also share your login and password details to give others access but without others knowing what those login details are!

Build team cohesion even in isolation

Connect with Dave Staughton

Tim Wade facilitates your online meeting?

Here's how we're helping change the world with these events:
If you're getting value, please also give value... even a little goes a long way...
Help keep girls safe during lockdown

Sex traffickers in Cambodia target girls who aren't in school with the promise of fake jobs. Free To Shine case workers help keep the girls in schools, but the schools are closed due to Covid-19 and funding is tighter so the Free To Shine team need your help. Here's how you can help.
A little bonus: My book chapter as a video...
I was co-author in an extraordinary book where each contribution answered the question: "What advice would you give your grandchild - if you knew for certain that they would implement - to create a Better Business, a Better Life, and a Better World?" Here's the video of my chapter of the book. There are three sections all in this one video. I also have them broken into three separate sections if there is one that you would prefer to show your team or whomever. Email me if that's the case and I'll send you the one you want. In the meantime, enjoy! - Tim Wade
See you at the next Leaders in Lockdown on Fri 24 April: Innovation. Details coming soon.