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Hi, I promised you a toilet and a few extra goodies during the interview with Alisoun, so here they are! I hope you enjoyed the podcast. It'd be nice to connect with you sometime.

Speak with you soon!
We gave a...
... toilet

I said I'd give a toilet. I just did.
Actually I gave 3650 days of toilet access to families in Malawi. So that's either access for 1 family for 10 years, or 10 families for 1 year. Or 365 families for a week and a half. However you cut it, we helped build sanitation in a village community.
So thanks. Poop well tonight.
By the way, we also give access to toilets to families in Malawi for every person who connects with us. ​​​​​​​
More about our giving at our
Wade Foundation page here.
Download this entire book

Here's an awesome book from a bunch of awesome people who having giving businesses and amazing perspectives.
34 members of B1G1 got together to write this book. I think you should read so much that I'm giving it to you.
I usually sell this, but because I have very little to put here but a toilet, here's a PDF of the entire book!
Download this book summary

I never mentioned this during the podcast, but I find the ideas and research in this book fascinating. If you have to hire people, here's a PDF summary of the book.
My book chapter as a video...
Here's the video of my chapter of the Better Book. There are three sections all in this one video. I also have them broken into three separate sections if there is one that you would prefer to show your team or whomever. Email me if that's the case and I'll send you the one you want. In the meantime, enjoy!
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By the way, here's how you helped change the world by listening to the podcast!
Apart from the cool things Alisoun did, because you were there, we ALSO gave to help people in need...
You helped feed 10,000

Because Tim Wade was engaged to speak at this event, 10,000 kids got fed and educated in India!
We're helping the UN

See how we're helping the United Nations achieve their global goals by 2030.
You helped keep girls safe

Book sales keep girls safe by keeping them off the streets in Cambodia and in school instead. Here's how.
Buy copies of Tim's book

These are also great gifts for staff and customers.
click the image above to open the book website
Watch Tim's
"The Power of Yes" series

I found something else that you might like. I love this.
Feel free to share this with you team or whomever you want. It's pretty cool.
Click to go to "The Power of Yes" page and watch the video.
​​​​​​​(All free by the way. My gift to you.)
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or find out more about Tim Wade:
Shameless plug

Here's another stupid shameless plug:
"Hire me to speak your next event because I'm good at it."

My website is here.

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A selection of Tim Wade's clients

Tim Wade is speaking in the third person now because he wants to distance myself/himself from the the shamelessness of this plug.
But somebody important to you suggests you click the above image to see his impressive client list in more detail hopefully.